Message: “#18: Examining Joel Osteen’s Teaching (featuring Lucinda Lynch)” from Counter Culture

Counter Culture - April 14, 2023

#18: Examining Joel Osteen's Teaching (featuring Lucinda Lynch)

On this episode of Catch-up, the guys are joined by none other than the creator of Born Again Baking, Lucinda Lynch. The crew then discuss the teachings of mega-church pastor Joel Osteen. His teachings have influenced millions around the globe, including some of our church members. Are his teachings sound? Are they heretical? Somewhere in the middle? Stick around to find out! The usual humorous underpinnings abound, including frustration at Osteen’s complete lack of referencing Bible passages, the return of Joel’s falsetto voice, and Lucie’s love of vacuuming. Born Again Baking: Use code "cc10" for 10% off your order. Subscribe to our Freedom Church NJ YouTube channel and wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to drop a like, leave a comment, and tell a friend!

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Link to Osteen's Sermon "It's Still Going To Happen"

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