Message: “#24: Postmillennialism + Preterism (featuring Tim Zaloum)” from Counter Culture

Counter Culture - July 7, 2023

#24: Postmillennialism + Preterism (featuring Tim Zaloum)

On this special episode, the guys are joined by Joel's brother Tim to discuss perhaps the most misunderstood of the end-times views, Postmillenialism. The crew reacts to a short video by John Macarthur (definitely not a post-mil), and a longer video by Douglas Wilson. Topics include how to understand prophecy in the Bible, what is the kingdom of God, and is the church going to win or lose in the world? Let us know what you thought of this topic, and give us an idea for another video to react to! Born Again Baking: Use code "cc10" for 10% off your order. Today’s Choice:

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Link to Douglas Wilson Video

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